Vézzo Zamak


Vézzo is produced in zamak, with two finishing:

  • alloy with silver galvanic bath
  • black powder painted alloy

On demand: Vèzzo is also available in silver 925. All materials are Nickel-free.

Vézzo is available in the following sizes: S | M | L | XL

To determine your ring size, have a look at the table “Size Guide” and choose the corresponding Measure Vézzo.


Product Description

Vézzo is not a beard ring, it is a ring. In other words: it is nice to see and to wear, but not only.
When it is simply a ring, Vézzo can embellish your hand; if you turn it around, it becomes a small comb for your beard and moustache.

Usage instructions

  1. Buy Vézzo in the size that fits you or ask for it as a present
  2. Gently open the original packaging in Avana printed cardboard (the graphic is nice, isn’t it?)
  3. Appreciate the beard ring that comfortably lies in it (amazing, right?)
  4. Remove it from its tailor made case (we put a lot of attention to every detail, also the box)
  5. Wear it as you like the most
  6. Turn it around to use it as beard ring, or comb-ring, or beard comb
  7. Show off


To protect it from wear, pay attention to water!


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