Product description

Vézzo is not a shaving ring, but it is a ring. That is: it is beautiful to see and wear on your hands, but not only.
When it’s just a ring, Vézzo can adorn your hand while, if you turn it around, it becomes a small beard and mustache comb.

Instructions for use

  1. Buy or be given a Vézzo in the correct size (Vézzo is worth every means, the important thing is to have it)
  2. Gently open the original print Havana cardboardpackaging (nice graphics, right?)
  3. Appreciate “thecaress-beard”comfortably housed inside(surprises, isn’t it?)
  4. Take it from the diecase case (we put a lot of care in everydetail, even in the box)
  5. Wear it in the most congenial way
  6. Turn it to use it as a caressring-beard (or ring for beard, or comb-ring, or comb for beard)
  7. Strut


Pay attention to the water to preserve it to the fullest!